• Complete lead Management System
  • Product Management
  • Complete field level customization
  • Remarketing through SMS & Emails in a single click
  • Alerts and Follow ups
  • Quantifies data and strategy through Various Reports
We offer complete, strategy, design and implementation :
1. Customer Management & Engagement.

We provide a neoteric way to collect, manage and engage with your fragmented customer base, as well as collate your fragmented leads, and enquires in one platform, for subsequent engagement and acquisition. Access, enhance and integrate, insightful member data, for more effective, engagement, acquisition, increased cross sell and lower attrition on a customer by customer basis.

2. Call Center Integration

Our secure, scalable, and blended call center service, enhances end to end customer experience, as well as streamline the entire member and lead flow.

The agents makes calls to existing and potential customers with the aim of enhanced engagement, experience and acquisition...

Our ACD technology allows brand to distribute, calls, SMS, email and social media enquiries and leads to pre designated agents, based on predetermined factors and expertise, enhancing the over all brand experience.

Features :

  • Member Survey
  • Verification and Documentation
  • Disengagement to engagement
  • Member Signup
  • Brand / Product Information
  • Referral Leads
  • Upselling
3. Loyalty & Referral Marketing

Make your customers your brand ambassador. A integrated loyalty and referral platform to enhance, customer stickiness, engagement, word of mouth publicity and new customer acquisition.

A powerful combination of software, promotion and management tool, that allows brands to mobilize and activate, customers, employees and other influencers to easily incorporate, digital, mobile and word of mouth referral and upselling, into their customer loyalty, customer acquision & social media marketing mix.

Features :

Referral can be collected

  • online
  • onsite
  • mobile
  • as well thru social media engagement
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